Airwheel S8 Mini Electric Scooter Is the Tiny Titan In Airwheel

06 NOVEMBER 2016
The tiny and delicate design style of Airwheel S8 manifests elegance and gracefulness.

Adopting the Cassinian curve design concept, Airwheel S8 is simple and faddish in externality, interpreting the beauty of art via unique design. Airwheel S8 firstly impresses riders with its tiny and delicate design style, however, riders will be more surprised by the huge strength reflected in the small and exquisite S8. Airwheel S8 mini electric scooter has captured the hearts of thousands of riders because of its huge power. In spite of its small and exquisite design style, Airwheel S8 is considered as a titan because of its amazing load-bearing capacity compared with other Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters.

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The small and delicate Airwheel S8 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter merely weighs 14.8kg, however, the scooter is able to carry a weight three times as heavy as its own weight with the maximum carrying capacity of 100kg. Airwheel S8 rewrites the algorithm and upgrades the pressure sensitive system from two-shaft driving to all-round three-shaft driving, to achieve the purpose of either standing or sitting to ride. Moreover, the C shaped operating rod contributes to the load ability too. That’s why Airwheel S8 has become a new favorite to those big riders. And this is really a cool because the small-sized S8 can actually support bigger weight. So Airwheel is tiny in size, but huge in strength and power.

The secret of Airwheel S8 2-wheeled electric scooter featured by such huge strength considering its small size lies in its optimized design of bodywork and premium material for the scooter. The bodywork of Airwheel S8 mini electric scooter is made from the combination of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy. The density of magnesium is low, which helps to make the bodywork more light-weighted; on the other hand, aluminum enjoys more hardness and strength, and the smart application of material truly plays an important role in realizing the load-bearing capacity of Airwheel S8.

Airwheel S8 sitting-posture electric scooter is really a legend in the development history of Airwheel.

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