Every water tap in Barcelona has its own story

Best sensor tap manufacturer: www.tapso.co.uk

Best sensor tap manufacturer: www.tapso.co.uk
Barcelona - The reporter from the Global Times reporter streets has seen a variety of drinking waterfall taps on the streets in Barcelona. Some of them are tall and majestic and some are compact. Each of them has the historic or lasting bonds with celebrities and each has their own story. They have all witnessed the civilization and history of Spanish.As we all know, there is a huge drinking waterfall tap at the entrance of Barcelona's famous pedestrian street which name is Blue Brown Street. It is a marker of the Barcelona’s City Council and the Catalan government. Anyone could have the right to detect the water from this tap. As indicators of the water are substandard, the Chief Executive of the provincial and municipal governments will come up with their own wages to improve the water quality.

At a side street near Blue Brown Street, the reporter has found a sink which accompanied with several  brass shower head   . This sink has the history for over 500 years. The original is the private property of a duke. This sink had been specially given the local people Colts free. Now it had been transformed into the human’s drinking equipment. The shape of the entire sink has stayed the same and has become a municipal heritage building. It was said that the masters of this sink also known as Antonio Samaranch. We needs the investigation as to whether this Samaranch was belonged the same family of the late former International Olympic Committee president Antonio Samaranch.From the description above, we could find that the water tap has a long history. Nowadays, the development of the society and the technology has made the type of the taps become infinite variety.

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In the suburbs of Barcelona, there is a water tap to commemorate a famous doctor. He use his life-long time to do the medical treatment for local people. He is not only do the free medical treatment for poor people, but also buy medicines to patients at his own cost. The water stream outflow out from his mouth steady. This is a symbol of his medical ethics will always benefit the people in this city.

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