High Quality Web Design Can Improve Business Profits

24 NOVEMBER 2014

Lilo Web Design, an agency that provides high quality technical and design services to clients, believing packaging services as products, focusing on a niche, educate, don’t sell, leveraging existing clients, thinking locally, and selling web products on daily deal websites is just a few of the ideas to to increasing customers to one’s website.

“Creating products or services for sale is the number one key to a successful eCommerce operation, since a product or service has a specific price, people can look at it and understand immediately what they get for their money. As web designers and developers, we provide clients all that’s necessary for them to offer product and services at prices, which introduces clients to the type services and products they offer,” said Berland, sales manager, Lilo Web Design.

We look at web design from a client’s point of view. With literally thousands of providers in the marketplace, we know you are going to choose someone who works for a range of clients. We are not just one among the many; we are designers who provide additional insight into the problems unique to your niche. If you own a real retail business, for example, and you found a web designer who specialized in retail business websites, would you not put them at the top of your list? I’m sure you would,” added the source.

However, one of the biggest mistakes online businesses make, according to Berland, is the fact that they continually chasing new clients as opposed to leveraging the clients they already have.

The solution?

“It’s much easier to get repeat business from a happy client than to constantly chase new leads. This is where we come in helping you compile a database of every client you’ve ever worked with.

“This way, you can send them all a friendly catch-up email asking how business is going and offering your services if they need anything else,” said Berland.

Lilo, targets small to medium sized companies, large corporate and government organizations within London, Cape Town and Perth. With steady growth over the past ten years from a new company operating one branch to its present position as a competitive industry operator, Lilo has earned a reputation for satisfying the needs of the budget client with an elegant design.

“Noting that the era in which businesses are operating these nowadays its good as not having a business, if they do not have an online presence, because consumers of today search for products and services online.,” said the Lilo SEO manager, who openly invites local business operators to let them transform their ideas into solutions.”


Lilo offers a range of services including but not limited to Web Design, Web Development, Design & Branding, Optimisation (SEO/ SEM), eCommerce and E-marketing and a lot more. They utilize expert techniques and innovations producing smooth, efficient and basic designs. Lilo has actually been in the field for more than 15 years and this has actually equipped us with leading quality understanding, know-how and contacts simply to make your life simpler.

For further information, contact:

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Title/Position: Sales Manager
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Business Mailing Address: info@lilo.co.uk
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